Energy Monitoring & Control

We separate our Metering Solutions into two broad categories that encompass the vast majority of our customers and their needs.

The first is Revenue Metering: logging the kWh data of a user or users, in order to bill them for their electricity usage. If, for example, you are a Landlord, or Property Manager, and would like to submeter your apartments’ utilities, we have a number of great solutions for you.

The second category is Data Monitoring: monitoring multiple data points for an electrical load over time, including kWh data, Watts, Volts, Amps, Power Factor, etc. Using these data points would, for example, allow you to assess the efficiency of a your HVAC system, track the performance of your solar PV system, or determine how many miles/kWh your electric car is getting.

Real-Time Monitoring


Our Metering Packages are great for real-time monitoring and include everything you will need to meter electricity and/or water, and/or gas consumption and view your meter data online in real-time. This will allow you to see and monitor your consumption throughout the day, week, month, or year and see how your building, circuit, machine, appliance, etc. is performing at any given time.

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Home Owners


We offer metering solutions for homeowners, designed for use with any residential electrical system in the world. Whether you want to submeter a granny unit, monitor individual circuits, audit your utility meter, or divide your utility bill, we have a system for you.

They also include our CrestCore software that can be used to log your meter data on your computer, visualize data, schedule email reports, export to CSV, set data triggers, and more.



Landlords, in particular, can benefit from submetering more than any other user segment that we provide for. Our Metering Packages provide all of the hardware and software tools needed to submeter rental properties and bill tenants according to their actual usage, which is more equitable than billing at a flat rate. This is really the core benefit of our metering system: It allows landlords to divide utility bills between rental units according to actual user consumption, putting the onus on the tenants to conserve energy so they pay less. After our submetering systems are installed, we see around a 25% average decrease in utility usage. In other words, landlords save money because there is no more guessing and flat-rate billing (you are happy), the tenant can save money because their conservation is rewarded (they are happy), and ultimately, energy is conserved which is a good thing for our planet as well.

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Property Managers


Our Metering Packages are a great solution for Property Managers and include everything that is needed to meter the electricity consumption of multiple rental units, in any number of properties around the world, and view the meter data online. This capability is facilitated by our CrestCore and its cloud-based data system. It allows you to send all of your meter data to one place in the cloud where you can easily access it. This gives you the ability to manage the energy use, from all the properties in you portfolio, from one place. Your can also schedule emails, export to .CSV files, and much more, all from within the EKM Dash software